December 03, 2014

Sketch Dailies: Kermit

Had to take a break for a quick Sketch Dailies of Kermit.  Such a great straight man for all the Muppet craziness, but he had the best "YAAAAY!" of them all.

December 02, 2014

Daily Crapbook: Birthday Doodle for Clara

Quick birthday doodle for my niece Clara.

November 13, 2014

Sketch Dailies: Rollergirl

Haven't been drawing much on my own lately, but now that the booth is done I need to get back in the habit.  Here's a revisiting of an old sketch appropriate for #Sketch_Dailies.

November 11, 2014

Exhibiting at CTN Expo Next Week

I finally finished putting together my booth, complete with merch, signage, and decorations.  Now that I've got it all working, I need to cram it into a suitcase and make sure it will all fit.  But the hard part is done!  If you're in Burbank next week for the expo, make sure you come by and say hi!

November 09, 2014

Daily (ha ha) Crapbook: Birthday Sketch

A little watercolor sketch for my nephew's birthday card.  He's such a sweetheart- he didn't mind that I was late getting him his present.

November 07, 2014

Foster House Productions Acquires New Intern in March 2015

For the past few months, I haven't been very productive with my daily sketchings and artings and whatnots due to my being utterly kerplooped all the time.  I'm happy to officially announce the reason why. :)

October 30, 2014

Monkey Rag Theatrical Run!

Holy cats! Monkey Rag will have a short theatrical run Nov. 7-Dec.4 in select theaters in California, Texas, New York, and more!  It will play in the pre-show before features- check this listing to see if it will be playing near you!  And while you're out, why not get some cool merch to celebrate?

October 27, 2014

My First Artbook Available For Online Purchase

Holy cats, I can sell my art book online! Be a peach and check it out, why doncha?

October 22, 2014

2014 Character Animation Reel

Here is my demo reel updated with work from the past year.  The overall reel is still much the same, but I got a chance to get rid of some old stuff and tighten up some old editing that was bugging me all last year, so I consider it an improvement however small.  It's still amazing to me that such small changes still take me days to do, and I remember that I went several years without updating my reel at all because it was such a bother.  But its gotta be done!  Now to update my website...bleah, another chore...

October 17, 2014

"Identity Theft" for Primerica

I did a few perfunctory corporate whiteboard animations last year, but I kind of liked this one.  The material was very dry, so I did what I could to make it fun- in this case it meant adding a raccoon.  If my identity ever get stolen, I hope its by a raccoon wearing a beret.  The more videos I did, the more I relied on cut-outs to do interesting stuff rather than the normal straight-ahead drawing, and I think its ended up looking better as well as providing some consistency between takes.  

Spanko's Dark Smile, New Shirt Design

When I was trying to make the first "Monkey Rag" trailer, I did this little animation of Spanko's face melting:

Nate thought it was just a tad too disturbing to use in the trailer, so I abandoned it.  But then this month I got to thinking about creepy things and I remember ited, and wondered if it would make a cool lookin' shirt.  check it out on my shop!

October 16, 2014

Sketch Dailies: Bride of Frankenstein

Small #Sketch Dailies sketchling of the Bride of Frankenstein, with a drink in her hand for some reason.  I made it a beaker at first but you can't do a convincing brandy swirl with a beaker.  Also, #inktober is bearing down on my head.  Halfway through the month and I'm still flattened by this challenge.

October 15, 2014

Daily Crapbook: Papers Everywhere

Along the same lines of the new front cover for my art book, I revisited the old idea and drew it again.  At least the sentiment is still fresh.

October 14, 2014

Daily Crapbook: Penny Serenade Flapper

Did up a new Penny Serenade flapper for the upcoming show on Oct 25th:

October 13, 2014

Sketch Dailies: Elmer Fudd

My favorite Fudd from "What's Opera Doc?" for the last Sketch Dailies topic.