January 14, 2008

Trix In SPAAAAAAACE! Part Deux

All righty, so I finally saw the Trix in Space spot. The one I worked on the Primal pitch for and lost to Calabash. What irks me is that this spot looks so similar to the one we pitched. The layouts, the Trix ship, the characters... this spot was just a couple tweaks away from what we showed the client. The black guy's design looks very similar to mine (I kinda like my design better actually- his face in the spot is too bottom-heavy). The ginger kid is never near the camera so its hard to tell what he looks like, but he seems very familiar. The Latina got switched to a Japanese girl, but I hate to think we lost the pitch because they preferred a different ethnicity for the girl. Also the colors on the kids got switched around, with the girl now in green, the ginger in red (ick, that clashes!), and the black guy in purple (haven't they watched Chapelle's Show? Don't they know that's racist?) Anyhow, its a decent spot. Calabsh always does amazing work. But I still feel like Primal could have made it just as great. And I could have changed the friggin' colors on the uniforms, and designed a Japanese girl godammit! Was a Latina in red really so offensive that they had to go with a different studio? Grumblecakes.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Hah! I used to work for Calabash! It is kinda surprising that they would even have competition, I thought they did all the trix spots. I worked on a trix commercial too, and lo and behold, there was a black, white, asian and white female character. And about a trillion more characters I had to inbetween in the background. They like to cram their spots full of all sorts of movement!