August 25, 2008

Long Awaited "KUSPER" Main Open

Last winter, my good friend Zoran asked me to animate a main open for a pilot he was making for MTV. The pilot didn't get picked up, which boggles my mind, because it was hilarious. (Go to to see all of Zoran's awesome videos, including the entire pilot episode of "Kusper"!) Maybe the MTV suits didn't like my depiction of corporate types. Anyhow, I'm now free to post the final animation.

The project had a very quick turn around time- three weeks. Well, it seemed like a quick turn-around back then. Based on the my experience working on these Electric Company spots, three weeks to work on 30 seconds of animation seems like a cake-walk. But anyhoo! It was a very fun process to work on Kusper, because Zoran was very supportive and liked all my ideas. Or..he at least knew we didn't have a lot of time so he okayed all my ideas. There is, of course, a lot of quirkiness in the final piece that I'll never get around to fixing, but on the whole I do like this main open. It was the best I could do at the time, so there ya go.

Here's the process!





Johnathan Floyd said...

This is really cooll Joanna. Love that Movie Theatre scene.

Jo said...

Thanks Jonathan! I'm actually surprised you liked the movie theater scene- I thought that was the "quirkiest" part of the spot. But if you like it, I will not complain any longer. :)