April 11, 2009

Daily Crapbook: Kiss Me Kate

Nate has allowed me to go nuts on Netflix, so I'm watching all the movies that have been on my list for years but never watched because they bore everyone else ("black and white? Ew!"). Today I finally saw "Kiss Me Kate"- a movie musical that I find odd. The music was superb (Cole Porter at his best!) and some of the dancing was incredible, but the actual story and the dialogue was very...annoying. Another very VERY odd thing about "Kiss Me Kate" is that it was a 3D movie. A 3D movie musical. While this explains why the characters were constantly chucking objects towards the camera, I still can't understand the big WHY of the whole idea. But oh well! The wonderful songs were enough for me, and Howard Keel's toothy grin tweren't half bad neither.

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