March 03, 2010

Daily Crapbook: Guh?

This is a margin doodle that I tried to redraw properly, but for some reason I just couldn't do it. There's just something in her face I couldn't quite draw a second time, so I just went ahead and scanned the original. Its not like this is anything important, but still its maddening when I can't draw the same thing twice. Does anyone else ever have this problem?


victor said...

it is a nice doodle, and sure thing I have the problem you mention as well, when the drawing does not want to apear second time. I have no idea why. I thought it only happens to me. B)
It is anoing when I create a good spot on expression in storybords and then I cannot to repeat it in animation.
However reading Walt Stanchfield did helped me to analise drawing better.

Pedro said...

Sometimes I have that same problem, so I usually simplify back down to basic shapes, before the detail phase. My problem is usually in staying on model, tho :(