July 27, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up

So here's the story: my wonderful husband Nate works at a wonderful place called Spitfire Studios and they had some wonderful clients at Cartoon Network who thought it would be a wonderful idea to shoot on-air host Andrew WK at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con for a promotion called the Cartoon Network Big Fan Weekend and all these people were wonderful enough to allow me to tag along. I did have to work as a PA to earn my keep, but I think it was a pretty good deal. I worked until the early afternoon most days, and spent the rest of the time hoofing around the con. I'll try to sum up my experiences like so:

And in case you're curious, here's what I came home with (our checked bag was fifteen pounds overweight on the return trip):

I did go "fangirl" at times, but for the most part all of the artists were very kind. Especially Stephen Silver, Dean Yeagle, and Chris Sanders. Boy, those guys are so gracious, taking the time to chat, accepting my sample book, and even doodling a little something. I mean, check out this portrait I got from legendary Playboy artist Doug Sneyd:

Though I didn't get to see everything and everyone, and some hiccups occurred during the trip, and even though I'm still a little delirious from lack of sleep, Comic Con was one of the bests things I've gotten to do in my whole life. I met and reconnected with so many amazing artists- it was so incredible. Look for tons of new links to pop up on the sidebar in the next couple of days.

Hooray for Nerd Culture!

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