October 08, 2012

Monkey Rag Progress Report

 Its been a while since I posted a big Monkey Rag update, so I thought I'd cobble together a little Sc.06 progress reel to show you all a glimpse of color.  Yes indeed, color!!! I've been revising animation and inking as much as I can- I'm on Sc. 11 now fixing Raccoon and Baboon.  Oof, do they need a lot of work.  But I suspect that once I get through Sc. 12 its all going to go much more quickly.  Even with all my backpedaling, I have a stack of inks that my industrious-bordering-on-magical husband Nate is working on scanning and prepping to send to my awesome coloring volunteers.  The pipeline is working splendidly with coloring in ToonBoom AnimatePro and using DropBox as a server, so the color work can all be done long distance!  All in all, while I may be behind of my ideal schedule of being done last year, the fact that things are moving forward keeps me happy. 

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victor said...

This looks very beautiful! I am looking forward to see it done.