December 22, 2012

Daily Crapbook: It's SAB-o-TAAAAGE!

The new year is drawing nigh, and along with my resolution to use archaic vocabulary, I am in a frenzy to finish Monkey Rag.  So I'm becoming more draconian (score!) with my production schedule.   Usually I would sketch whenever I wanted to step away from inking during the day, but now I save sketching for the pudding (British for dessert? I'll count it.)  But my problem is that I tend to reset my goals during the day.  For instance, I'm plugging along on a scene making good time and I think "Why this is a cake walk! (half-point) I betcha I can do both characters in one day!" And then I try to reach the new goal, and I run out of steam, and end up being too tired at night to sketch anything for fun.  So thats why I've been neglecting my daily crapbooking in case anyone was wondering.  However, I actually reached a good check point today so here's the pudding!  I think I might do a final animatic update before the New Year- I'm approaching 2:30 of inked/reworked animation.  Huzzah! (pudding). 

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