February 14, 2013

"Adam and Dog" is Animation Paradise

I wish I didn't watch Adam and Dog so late tonight, because all I want to do now is stay up sketching.  If you haven't yet watched this Oscar-nominated short, I insist you do so.  This film encapsulates what is so powerful about traditional animation, and about good storytelling in general.  It is so engrossing and mature, and not in the video game rating way.  The art direction is painfully beautiful (painful to just me probably, because I'm having so much trouble with my own backgrounds at moment), and the animation has so much personality and intent that it communicates volumes even though the characters are basically silhouettes in a distant long shot throughout much of the film.  The story is simple, and very intelligently plotted.  I must stop writing now because its way past my bedtime and I haven't gotten any work done tonight.  I'll end this by reiterating that you must see Adam and Dog, but be sure to allot yourself plenty of time to muse over it afterwards.  (Apologies to Minkyu Lee for the crappy fanart.)

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Anonymous said...

Knew your post was about Adam and Dog even before I read it, just from your sketch :) Yes, I loved it too!