May 11, 2013

Monkey Rag Background Fiddling

I've often complained of how awful I am at backgrounds, which is the reason I'm so hesitant to move forward with them.  Its been a couple weeks since I started stewing this one, and I got a comment that I might benefit from a monochromatic palette.  They even sent me an image they mocked up, which I found helpful.  I tried to incorporate the suggestion while still keeping the tropical flavor of this scene, and I'm happy to say I hate this background much less than I did before.  At least the colors aren't in battle with each other anymore, and that's something. Thank you for the help, sir!


Veeyah Penero said...

awesome!!! You're not awful with backgrounds at ALL! >__< I've been struggling with the same thing for years, and believe me, you backgrounds are THE BOMB. :)

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I was once tutored that with backgrounds I would be tempted to use too many colors in the belief that I'll be bringing variety and richness to the scene. Instead, I should keep to a limited palette, say 2 or 3 colors at most, and that the richness and variety will come from their values and tones.

Also, that I should keep in mind (and I think this is a maxim of Maurice Noble's) that the number one function of the background is to support the animation, and that the details and tones of a background should be arrange so that the characters read and focuses our attention on them.

Again, FWIW - just some friendly unsolicited advice :)


Anonymous said...

Your "20s Glam Gal" illustration demonstrates the above nicely :)