June 20, 2013

LowCarbComedy Fan Request Animation: Board-o-Matic

My good and talented friend Zoran has commissioned some more animation for his comedy hub, LowCarbComedy.com.  Now might be as good a time as any to go over some process.  When I embark on a project, I do a board-o-matic.  How is this different than an animatic, one might ask?  It isn't much different, but I like to distinguish the two because the term "board-o-matic" is something I reserve for something really rough and composed mostly of chicken scratch.  Its just basically post-it notes I've scribbled on and then move around.  However, in this case, I skipped the storyboard because so much of the impact was timed to the music.  I just needed to get my idea down as quickly as possible, so I did this on little index card sized scraps of paper and timed it out in Flash with camera movements when necessary.  If you think this looks rough, check out the board-o-matic for Monkey Rag.  (I know I called it an animatic, but it is in truth a board-o-matic.  And yes, I just make up these rules as I go along.)

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