November 20, 2013

Thoughts on CTN Expo 2013

So I finally made it out to CTN Expo after years of not being ready, and I came back feeling very happy and unsettled at the same time.  The inspiration and education was abundant, but business-wise I don't know if anything will come from this trip that will further my career.  I also felt very out of place at times, because of being so much older, my insisting on drawing, and my lack of cool t-shirts and facial hair.  But there were also some amazing things that happened, like getting advice from Jerry Beck in person and discussing Maurice Noble with Tod Polson and lots more!  The anatomy panel with the evolutionary biologist was jaw-dropping, and I found practical knowledge from the classes about contracts and screenplays.  When I got home I started doodling to organize my thoughts, and think I worked it through to a positive conclusion.  I'll be going back next year, and will work desperately in the interim to make sure I deserve to be there. 


Andrea K Haid said...

I had a similar experience! I disagree with you being old, I think that a lot of people there were just young and super green. I think I may have got more out of the whole thing now that I've got some experience behind me. And 2D animation rocks! I have a 2D project of my own and people are so often trying to suggest ways to get it done "faster" by using 3D or tradigital methods. But I've got a few fantastic supporters who get my vision. I think having a vision and seeing it to completion like you did is amazing.

David Nethery said...

It can be overwhelming. So much to do and see . My first couple of times it was too much to take in and I tried to attend as many of the sessions as possible , but got burned out (too much information to absorb) Then my third time I focused on just a few of the panels and workshops and spent most of my time hobnobbing with old friends (and making a few new ones).

I didn't make it there this year, but hope to attend next year. Would love to meet you and Nate.

Your drawing is a perfect summary of the CTN experience .

Joanna Davidovich said...

Yeah, I think "burned out" is a definitely a good descriptor for that weekend. And next year I'll be sure to keep a better tally on who is there and wants to meet up. It would be great to meet you, David!

And I hope to see you again next year as well, Andrea! It was just awesome meeting you.