July 04, 2014

Life Drawing

After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I've stuck my toe back into the life drawing pool.  Its been, in all honesty, very frustrating.  But I know I won't improve by not going, so...there's that double-negative.  Last night's was the first session where I broke out the ol' charcoal and newsprint, and I finally felt less hopeless.  I didn't make any drawings that worked as a whole, but I was at least a stroke or two I felt confident about.  (Oh, and those diagonally shadows across each drawing here are cast by my arm taking the photo.  Charcoal is too messy to put on my scanner, and I don't like any of these enough to bother with fixative.)

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...


I've recently returned to figure drawing myself. I think its help bring up to speed, but I've been reluctant to post much of since I don't know that it tells much of a story, plus I'm don't think I should put up too much unpolished work or risk losing my "professional" image.