January 05, 2015

2015 New Year's Resolution

Every year I like to draw out all of my goals for the year- its important to induce all that self-imposed anxiety as soon as possible in the New Year.  But these past few months, I've been living each day saying to myself "if I can just get this and this done, then I'll focus on all the baby stuff."  But there's always something else to do, something else to feel guilty about.  So the one resolution that dwarfs all others this year is just to have this baby, and do my damndest to make sure she's healthy.   Daily goals, discipline, and anxiety will always be there when I'm ready for it again, but I've only got one shot to start off this kid's life right.


Drycha said...

Fingers crossed!

CesarEA said...

Best of luck, Joanna!
Much congratulations for you and Nate ;)