February 05, 2015

Daily Crapbook: Baby Kicking

It is true that is magical to feel your baby moving, from the flutters of quickening to the strong kicks and punches.  But sometimes, it just gets so painful, especially now that I'm nearing the tail end of my pregnancy and my baby is surpassing the size of a coconut.  I just wonder- what the heck is going on in there??


satsumabug said...

I ran across this GIF today and it made me laugh so hard. It's delightful. I'm at almost 36 weeks and have been wondering just the same thing for months: what is she DOING in there?!?! Best wishes to you and yours, and thank you for the giggles!

Aliza Sartor said...

Daily Crapbook: Baby Kicking!!!!!!!!!!!
I totally hear you that when labor is long and protracted, a c-section can be a total relief. You don't have to feel bad about that....heavens, no! I've had 2 c-sections for badly-positioned babies so I totally get that.