December 10, 2015

Jo's Crapbook: Episode 01 - Pinup Mermaid

Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work, I need to get “a thing” done in order to feel productive.  I’ve been wanting to try my hand doing little process videos, so here is my first Crapbook episode where I just fail and fail and fail until I “meh” my way to something I kinda like.  Next one will bebetter!  Or not! The suspense! 


Trillo said...

It is really amazing to see the entire process!!! How it changed from the very first sketch to the final painting!!!
keep up the hard work!

Angel L. Thornton said...

I think it's cool to see and hear your thought process. I love your work and to hear you say that you don't like something or you think it's boring is inspiring. I always imagine you churning out perfect images effortlessly & to see there is an evolution makes me love your work even more & feel better as an artist. I can't wait for video 2. Happy new year!