February 19, 2016


So I've been in a work coma since, oh, it probably started end of November.  I'm usually good about scheduling projects so they don't overlap, but I wasn't able to avoid that this time around and BOY did it hurt.  But thanks to great assistants, great family support, and a great lack of sleep, all of the deadlines were hit.  Also, the jobs were really cool- each in different ways.  One because it was my chance to completely direct a traditionally animated spot, another because it was just AWESOME...  I will talk about them more at length in the weeks to come.  For now- this is the first weekend in a long time I will have free.  And I am going to sleep through as much of it as I can.

Thanks for waiting out this dark period- I have plans for lots of drawings and animations that I'm itching to get going on once I wake up!

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