September 09, 2016

"Oh My God- I'm A Mom" Sketch Book is Online!

Available for purchase online!
Its finally here!  My latest sketch book is stuffed to the gills with drawings and comics I've done in the past year or so.  With a title like "Oh My God.. I'm A Mom" you might be wondering what it could possibly be about.  Well, ever since I first became preggers, the theme of babies and motherhood has popped up in my work from time to time.  Just a tad.  To be honest, drawing about my experiences helped me keep my sanity, or at least what little I had to begin with.  This book chronicles the sweet highs and bewildering lows of becoming a new mom, and hopefully you'll find it full of humor, sassafras, and plenty of "d'aaawwww...lookit the baby!"  If you've ever enjoyed or shared my drawings like the ones below, have a look-see!  This mama would be ever so obliged.

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