October 24, 2016

Updated Cupojo.net!

Its been a while since I did anything to my website.  I'd love to overhaul it, but just updating it a little took more time than I thought.  (Took me hours to remember how I made the video gallery work in Muse!  I had to code- bleah!)  But this should do for now.  If you find any broken links, tell me in a few days, because right now I'm too pooped to look at it anymore.


Jim Wolf said...

I just had an old Facebook post pop up (the one with the baby kicking in your belly) and went back to this blog. I'd forgotten about your work and love it.

I discovered cupojo circa 2008, and I told you then that you inspired me to get going on my website. It's still in a bit of shambles, and I've concentrated on writing.

Anyway, it's nice to see your work again. Are you also on deviantart.com?

Joanna Davidovich said...

Aw, thank you Jim! I'm not on DeviantArt- just Tublr, Twitter, and Twitch. Gonna get on Instagram at some point too.