October 13, 2008

,,,Almost There

The portfolio is nearly complete! I'm only coloring a few drawings for my "Primal Concepts" page, and then it will be up. Here is a sample of the bits I'm doing- a pirate girl from a show Primal pitched to Cartoon Network. It didn't get picked up, but at least I got to design some fun characters.


Magnulus said...

Looking forward to seeing the portfolio, I'm sure it'll be great!

On an unrelated note, I just happened upon the second season premiere of Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor! It was kind of weird to see it and think "I kind-of, sort-of know the lady who made that!" The show is quite good, too! ^_^

Keep up the good work!

Jo said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear you like TMIKT! I hope it does really well- I want them to call me back for more animation. ;o)