October 13, 2008


At last! My 2008 portfolio is up on my website. Three years late, but better late than never.


Nobody called me a lazy bastard (on my blog at least) so I deem this experiment a success.


Kevin Williams said...

i doubt any of us has the right to question your work ethic...great stuff! love the Copertone work...lotsa volume and personality!

Magnulus said...

I love that guy with the haughty smirk on the act page and just about everything on that page. Your understanding of shape and pose is wonderful.

Your Karen Taylor sketches are very very Karen Taylory. ^_^

Yeah, like Kevin said, the Coppertone stuff is fantastic as well.

Page 13 is just jam-packet with awesomeness.

I'm guessing the online version is just that, the online version? Do you have a printed-out version that you'll be taking with you to apply for jobs and the like? In any case, you've done some great stuff as always.

Yeah, I decided I'd let you go on the whole lazy bastard thing. Like Kevin said, it's not exactly as if I'm much of a work horse myself.

Jo said...

Thanks guys!

And yeah, this is the general, across the board portfolio that I will print out and take with me to interviews. A lot of places may ask for specific things that I haven't included here, but I wanted to have a base to work off of.