November 27, 2008

Don Hertzfeldt & Daily Crapbook

Ok, a couple weeks ago Don Hertzfeldt came to Atlanta to show his newest film and give a little talk. He was a really cool dude. He regaled us with a story of how he snuck into a sold-out Monty Python reunion by unwittingly posing as Johnny Depp. Very cool. I even talked to a him a little and maintained what could pass for composure. Although I fell short of my goal becoming best pals, or even telling him my name, I feel it was a successful and inspiring event.
Other than that, I haven't been terribly busy. I did one job for a local studio while waiting to go back to Primal, and I've been handling fun married stuff like thank-you notes, baking cookies, and house-hunting. Here are just a few doodles for the sake up posting something.

1 comment:

Magnulus said...

Mmmm... Don. I have an artistic crush on that man.