November 05, 2008

Slow Wave, and Daily Crapbook

Got a great surprise in the mail today. Jesse Reklaw, creator of the unique and hilarious "Slow Wave" comic strip, was generous enough to send a free copy of his new book "Night of Your Life" to all the people who contributed their dreams to his comic strip (go to his site to see what I mean). These comics are so bizarre and addicting and perfect- definitely check them out (and see if you can spot the dream I contributed!).

Also, here is a page of doodles I did today when I should have been working:


Magnulus said...

*drools* I wish MY procrastinations could be this pretty. Your cat-lady reminds me of the character in Beyond Good and Evil, one of my absolute favourite "animal-as-person" characters, so good work on it! It's cute but kind of sexy at the same time. Actually... Like Jessica Rabbit or that girl in Road to El Dorado! Man, that girl in El Dorado was almost indecently sensual if I remember it correctly.

Or maybe my just-past-teens brain muddled her up a bit back then *ahem*.

WaiLik said...

I've been very busy lately, haven't been on and see how you were doing,
CONGRATS on your marriage! woot!

happiness for all!