March 23, 2009

Chuck Jones on TCM

TCM, as I've oft stated before, is far and away my favorite channel. If I couldn't watch TCM, I think my soul would die a little. Its the epitome of television excellence, and it couldn't possibly get better. Except that it just did.

Tomorrow Tuesday March 24 at 8:00 pm, TCM will be airing a new documentary on Chuck Jones, followed by a mini-marathon of his cartoons. Its so pleasant to know that the programmers at TCM take these classic cartoons seriously enough to broadcast them on such a prestigious network. Plus, I have this eerie feeling that the TCM programmers have telepathic link to my brain. Be it "The Red Shoes", "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", or a hefty helping of Chuck Jones, their programming always feels like a special personal gift to me. I'm positively giddy. Anyhow, make sure to watch TCM tomorrow!

(I tried to draw the Chuck Jones version of Bugs Bunny, which I've always liked. Chuck Jones's Bugs is so much different than the other directors' versions. I like the quiet self-confidence the Jones Bugs has, and that amused grin which hardly ever borders on smugness. Also, Jones seemed to like giving Bugs pockets, even though he has no pants. Its a little disturbing if you think that Bugs is tucking his hands underneath his own skin, but I like the attitude it gives him so I don't mind. If its good enough for Chuck, its good enough for me.)

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Johnathan Floyd said...

Yeah, I caught that marathon they aired. it was cool to see. I had forgotten the original Elmer Fudd Design was a bit different. Seeing The Phantom Tollbooth was like being a kid again. Good times.