March 01, 2009

Frederator 2 Second Animation Contest

I've taken a break from the music video for a short spell to enter an animation contest of Frederator. Its just a little short something I can poop out while I chip away at the more complicated and involved music video. It helps me stay motivated. So here's my pencil test of a drunk teddy bear! You might recognize him from the crapbook sheets below. Bear in mind (tee hee) that this isn't my final entry- its just the pencils. I do plan to color it and add some explanation. (And yes, I know its longer than 2 seconds, but since I'm doing this for my own pleasure I didn't want to limit myself. Plus, I couldn't find any specific rule disqualifying entries longer than 2 seconds, oddly enough.)

1 comment:

Johnathan Floyd said...

A drunk bear?! HA ha. Was that part of the contest or did you come up with that? Nice expressions.