May 13, 2010

Monkey Rag Sc. 05 Pencil Test In Progress

This is another long scene that seems to get longer the more I work on it. I'm uploading it in its current state because I just feel like I've gone too long without anything to show for myself. I thought I didn't like posting works in progress, but then I realized, isn't that what a pencil test is anyway? I remember at Primal, I'd be so on edge whenever I was using the pencil tester because someone might come by and (gasp) see how the animation looked! Its like my characters are naked while I'm animating, and its just not decent for anyone to look at them until I've finished dressing them up. So..this is me getting over that. Plus, it'll make the final animation look so much better if everyone has a crappier version to compare it to!

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