February 17, 2011

SmokeFree Air BlueBird

Here it is! My very first commercial in charge of all the character design and animation. Not a masterpeice, but I'm still happy with it. I'd like to talk about it at length, but this took a while to encode and its late. Curse my sleepy head!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing this spot and your behind-the-scenes look. It's always exciting to see your drawings in motion, since your illustrations are so lively already. One quick question: What happened to the sequence of the squirrel running down/around the table leg (or waiter's leg)? It's there in the pencils, but I didn't see it in the final. Just curious.

Joanna Davidovich said...

That squirrel is in the second shot, way in the background. He's running down a post. Kinda hard to see. :)