April 10, 2012

Regular Show Promo: Spontaneous Combustion

Over the last couple of years, it appears that I have less and less work to show.  While the kind of work I get has definitely shifted, its also because I am not at liberty to show my work until long after it has aired.  In some cases, things never actually do air.  Or in other cases, as with the storyboards for Ugly Americans, that work was never meant to air.  So when I get a nugget I can Show and Tell, it feels pretty sweet.  Here is a promo I got to animate for Regular Show.  The characters were miniscule on the screen, and that gave me license to forgo details and just have fun.  Enjoy!


Magnulus said...

I haven't been to your blog in ages, so it's great that you're still acting and getting work! I think the first thing I saw of yours was the cat and the girl on the park bench (can't remember the name). Loving your crapbooks and your reels! :D

Keep up the good work!

Magnulus said...

I meant that to say "active". Stupid new autocorrect feature on OSX Lion. Turning that off right now. And I remember the name of Juxtaposer now. :)