May 15, 2012

The Witch's Tale on the Radio

While I work I like to fill the air with something to keep me company, and boy do I love me some Old Time Radio.  These old programs are simply fascinating.  Right now I'm getting my fill of horror/thriller stories listening to Relic Radio's podcast The Horror.  They play supernatural-themed episodes from a wide array of programs.  This is how I found out about Escape!, Quiet Please, Price of Fear, Lights Out, Hermit's Cave, and many other great shows.  Even my all-time favorite show Suspense gets wedged in there once in a while.  Horror stories are perfect for the radio, because most of the tension and eeriness really comes from sounds.  (At least for me: when I saw The Ring I ended up covering my ears more than my eyes.)  And the added pops and crackles of old radio really heightens the atmosphere.  Not every story is a winner, not every actor is the caliber of Orson Welles or Vincent Price, but each show has something about it worth coming back again for.  For instance, take the program The Witch's Tale hosted by the characters Old Nancy and her wise black cat Satan.  That character creeps the hell out of me, every time she says "A'm a hunner and ten year old today.  Hunner and ten year old!  Ah heh heh heh heh!" Well, I guess you'd just have the hear it to know what I mean.  

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