June 15, 2012

Afterthoughts on Prometheus

Again, I hesitate to call myself a sci fi fan, because I don't really like Star Wars or Star Trek.  That fact itself almost casts me out of nerd-dom entirely.  But when I come across science fiction that I like, I really like it.  I've mentioned X Minus One and Twilight Zone and such similar things before.  The Aliens films I only saw at my husband's insistence, but I liked them well enough.  Horror in any form is difficult for me to watch, but the Alien universe had enough legitimate tension, suspense, and interesting characters to be enjoyable despite the gore.  After watching the preview for Prometheus (and getting over my immediate disappointment that it wasn't about the Greek Titan) I got interested in what seemed a moody, atmospheric science fiction experience.  So in one of my rare semi-annual trips to a proper cineplex, I consented to see Prometheus.  ...And I didn't like it.  In fact, I didn't like it so much that I didn't even want to make a drawing making fun of it.  While I was mulling over my disappoint, my mind wandered to an example of science fiction that really encapsulates everything I enjoy about the genre- the film Moon.  Ah, Moon.  What an excellent little film.  What Moon did right is exactly what Prometheus did wrong: having believable characters acting intelligently within a story that presents profound questions, and and explores those questions through the narrative.  And because Moon did that so brilliantly, I decided to draw Sam Rockwell instead.


Lucenza said...

I love the shi-fi.
"Moon" I saw almost by chance, at night, in streaming and distrust.
I was pretty cold after the first viewing, I took time to process the thoughts that I raised, is a story from the enigmatic tones, intimate and very bitter despite the final hope. Rockwell is in good shape.
Some time later, I found an issue in economic offer and bought the DVD, I realized that I like it.
I am very curious to see Prometheus.

PS. very nice tribute that you have designed, Gerty has always aroused sympathy ... much more than hal9000 ;)

Joanna Davidovich said...

"Moon" is definitely a slow, quiet movie, but that is part of why it is so good. The tone suits the story, and it feels very honest and intimate. And the robot! Love that robot. At last a new scifi story where the robot isn't secretly evil or twisted in some way, but still has a definite personality that is still believably robot-like.

And if you do see Prometheus, you may very well like it. There are things to like about it. Its just that for me, the things it does wrong are more important than the things it does right.

Missy Roode said...

This, along with pretty much everything else I've heard about the movie, justifies my decision not to see Prometheus. I could tell from the previews that it would not be my cup of tea, even though I thoroughly enjoyed Alien and Aliens. Moon was great, though, and I love your drawing!

Greg said...

Prometheus was the worst movie I have seen this year hands down.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad it wasn't about Greek Mythology too...and thanks for the warning, I had already relegated it to drive-in movie but now i won't waste a drive-in ~kat