June 18, 2012

The Pirates: Luxuriant, Surprisingly Curvaceous Fun

I don't know what it is about British humor, but it just sends me.  And Aardman Animation's sense of humor might as well be in the Tower on London along with England's other national treasures.  In an unusual twist of fate, I saw two movies in the proper theater this month.  One was achingly disappointing, and the other was Pirates: Band of Misfits.  This film is so dense with humor, I was laughing the whole way through.  Just the wide-eyed expression and wide-mouthed overbite of character was enough to elicit a giggle, let the alone the countless visual gags, clever wordplay, background jokes, and a distinctly British way of saying things.  Reading some reviews, I see that few critics can resist incorporating the language of the film in their analyses (hence the constant use of the word "luxuriant.")  I won't even comment of the technical achievements as I don't want to write an essay right now.  This film deserves to be a success, and I hope it justifies more stop-motion pictures from Aardman.  I may be over-enthusiastic as just looking at stills of these characters is enough to make me smile, but I still encourage everyone to go see it while they still can.

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