September 02, 2012

Rob Paulsen Approves of This Drawing

Yesterday at Dragon*Con, I finally got to meet my childhood hero Rob Paulsen, voice of my favorite character of all time, Yakko Warner.  I went to see him on the Voice Acting Panel, and even won his autographed program in a contest for doing an awful Bugs Bunny imitation.  That should have satisfied me, but still my feet took me to the Walk of Fame where I puttered around in a holding pattern trying to overcome my anxiety.  Then I got proactive: sketched out Yakko and Pinky and got in line.  I didn't have enough cash for an autograph, but he signed it anyway and gave me a hug!  I told him how Animaniacs inspired me to become an animator, how Yakko was my favorite, how he pronounced my name correctly during that KidsWB marathon in 1996, and he was so warm and receptive!  I feel like a ten-year-old again, and I am convinced that my devotion to his characters as a child was entirely justified.  Childhood complete.


Tony C said...

Your childhood is not complete. You will always have it be a part of who you are! Awesome that you got to meet Rob. He is the most professional voice talent I worked with...which was when he did the voice of Experiment 625 in the Lilo TV series.

Joanna Davidovich said...

I'm still thrilled I got to meet him- he is such a sweet, gracious man. Made each of his fans feel special.