September 18, 2012

Tutorial for Traditional Animation in ToonBoom AnimatePro

So you may recall a few weeks ago I had an online hissyfit about the workflow for finishing Monkey Rag, specifically, the apparent impossibility of it.  After lots of crying, footstomping, scotch drinking, and a visit from a wonderful ToonBoom associate- we got it working!  It requires some rather complicated workarounds that I don't understand, so my husband Nate sat down and made a tutorial to serve his own memory and to explain our system to anyone who is marginally interested.  Its nearly 40 minutes long, and just about scanning drawings in to AnimatePro, so you can be sure it is meticulously detailed.  I hope it can help others who were suffering similar situations, or perhaps it will invite someone with special knowledge to inform us that there is a more elegant solution to our problems.  Here's the playlist, enjoy!


Amanda said...

So wonderful that you had a breakthrough! And even more wonderful of you to upload the resource for others! Onward and upward awesome people!

Joanna Davidovich said...

Huzzah! Nate and I really hope it helps somebody else out there. :)

Stephen Culley said...

Nates done an awesome job.. glad to hear you've sorted a work around. Should go moan, flicker some eye lashes or something at Brother and make them fix there poor drivers tho!

David said...

Glad you got it sorted out. Thanks for the tutorial.

Stephen - I agree that the Brother scan driver is terrible. Try using VueScan as
an alternative driver.