April 12, 2013

Daily Crapbook: Paper, Pencil, Sigh

I've long since stopped being shocked by all the news about Disney's retreat from traditional animation.  First there was the selling of the animation desks, then all sorts of other whispers about "moving away from 2D" here and "no 2D features are in production" there... It was scary at first, but eventually it just seemed like another trend the industry was riding.  Traditional animation would be less prevalent, but it would never go away entirely.  But the story that dropped this evening about the animation veterans being laid off just really shook me.  I get that the industry is in flux, I get that innovation needs to happen... but when the best of the best are out of work, what hope is there for little animators like me?  I feel like a kid that's been trying to get onto the local little league team, while in the meantime the major league is being shut down.  Its just a sad note to end the day on.


Jazzyfizzle said...

"Character - the willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life - is the source from which self-respect springs."
-- Joan Didion
“It never seems to occur to anybody that there’s a whole world of literature and music that’s never been touched!” – Art Babbitt, circa. 1982.
From: http://babbittblog.com/2013/04/11/news-disney-lays-off-hand-drawn-animators/

Why don't you have more faith in yourself. You're a great Artist. Maybe they did something wrong, maybe they didn't, maybe this is the biggest mistake Disney ever made. Maybe these Artist's will go and do something amazing.

Yaotl-Mixy MAcera said...

they stole lycas film
they stole marvel

now they dont wanna make traditional art?

now im start to wonder if I wanna paperman, or better 101 dalmatian........


sowy for my expresion ó^Ò
im realy mad hear about this about you, dont surrender

Joshua Taback said...


I agree 100% with your sentiments. All the more reason for Monkey Rag to be out there. I keep checking back to see the what the progress is on such an awesome piece of animation.

Thanks for the inspiration!