April 26, 2013

Second Annual Star Wars Pinups

Even though I admittedly care very little about Star Wars, I still feel compelled to join in the nerdcore holiday #MayTheFourth.  People seemed to like my goofy Star Wars pinups last year (someone said my sexy Chewbacca seriously disturbed them), so I'll just keep doing these.  Here we have Booby Fett, Grl2-D2, and just Leia with a light saber because she deserves to at least hold one once in a while.   Thats something I don't get- she and Luke are twins, right?  How come she doesn't have any Force goin' on?  Are metachlorians only carried on the Y-chromosome or something?  Anyhow, I'll be leaving these around town next Saturday, weather-permitting, and posting clues on twitter (@jothezette) to anyone who wants to hunt them.

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