January 20, 2014

Favorite Cartoons #1: Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics

Someone recently asked me what I thought were the best and worst cartoons of all time.  I started to pick through my brain to compile a list, one memory leading to another, and after a few minutes I realized there were tons of cartoons that as I child I had cherished but as an adult I hadn't thought about in years.  They all must have informed my current tastes, even a little.  So instead of just making a boring old list, why not drag out my answer for weeks and perhaps months and pay tribute to my old favorites by doing a fanart for each one?  Starting from my earliest memories of obscure Japanese imports onward.  Why the heck not? 

The first show was one I only have the dimmest memories of, and I had to look up the name.  But I do remember I loved it: "Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics" on Nick Jr.  Before pre-school shows became all about vacuous characters shrieking out through the fourth wall demanding tedious audience participation, shows could be quiet, gentle, and magical.  That is how I remember this show.  It was a simple show that told fairy tales, and I just loved looking at it even when I didn't quite understand what was going on (fairy tales, after all, don't make much sense).  And the fairy tales weren't just Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin, but very obscure stories as well, the kind of fairy tales I still love.  And one of the most vivid memories I have as a kid was watching that Girl in the Red Dress joyfully flying through the trees in the opening credits.  I don't remember if the Girl was ever featured in an episode, and I never knew who she was supposed to be, but I just loved her.  "Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics" a show I think I'd like to revisit.        

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John Carter said...

Love this! Really nice illustration style. More please :)