January 20, 2014

Favorite Cartoons #2: David The Gnome

The next cartoon I remember loving was also a Nick Jr show that had a magical tone: David the Gnome, starring Mr. Cunningham himself.  Tom Bosley might very well be the first voice I ever recognized.  While I loved this show's premise, I did tend to find the episodes a little boring.  The character that really kept me watching was Swift the Fox.  The (relatively) giant, stalwart animal friend that doubles as a mount is a trope I'm always a fan of, and I think Swift was the first exposure I had to that idea.  As I kid I thought he was just beautiful.  I don't think he even talked- did he?  Did the other animals talk?  I'm afraid to go back and watch the show because I have a feeling it was actually really horrible, and I'd prefer to keep my fond memories of it untainted by criticism. 

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Anonymous said...

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