August 18, 2014

Lauren Bacall Sketch

It's a little late for a warm-up sketch, but I wanted to sketch a little anyway.  Lauren Bacall's image is something you can't forget- very sultry, very mysterious, and very strong.  She's worth studying- I need to put her on my list.  I just wish it didn't take her death for me to reacquaint myself with her movies.  And I wish people would just stop dying- at least for a few days...

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

When you have one big celebrity go, then they start falling like dominos for the next week.

Lauren Bacall has been a geek crush of mine for a while now. Looking through older sketchbooks I found I drew her hair quite a bit.

I remember seeing "Misery" and being surprised that she was still alive. Even more so after I found she had a Twitter account were she talked about introducing her Twilight obsessed granddaughter to "Nosferatu".