November 04, 2007

I'm A Winner!... I Guess?

Yep, I am a winner! As part of my Get-My-Art-Awesome-So-I-Can-Get-A-Job Unemployment Rehab Program, I entered the monthly animation contest at I did this because I need some meatier animation peices for my demo reel if I ever hope to get noticed by people who will pay me to draw. You can view the finished peice here- its not the best, but its a start. So I posted the peice on the Strut forums, and lo! Come November 1st, I am a winner! But...I was also the only entry. Could it be that my entry was so freakin' rad that all the other entries just slunk away in head-hanging shame? Actually, this experience reminded me of when I was a kid competing in rhythmic gymnastics, way back in the day. At that time, rhythmic gymnasts were divided into eight skills levels, and of those skill levels, they had three age groups Child, Junior, and Senior. But since rhythmic isn't really the most beloved sport in America, there never have been many girls to compete against at any given time. So for the better part of my competitive career, I was the only Child in my level, and I always won the blue ribbons by default. It wasn't exactly a bad feeling, but it wasn't exactly a good feeling either. Kind of like getting the perfect attendance award at school. Its an award for just showing up. It doesn't take talent or skill to Just Show Up, so being honored for it always made me feel empty and self-conscious. But now I see it differently. I am now celebrating my latest "Hey! You Showed Up!" Award. I have a groovy icon on the main page of Strut, I'm energized to keep drawing and animating, and I think I might bake some cookies. Because even if "showing up" isn't exactly an honorable talent or marketable career, its the first step in trying to get somewhere. Cheers!

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