November 06, 2007

Outside My Comfort Zone

In truth, I'm not really "comfortable" drawing anything, but I'm even less comfortable when I take the things I drew in discomfort and uncomfortably add colors using markers and comfort penci- er, COLORED pencils. A lot of my hesitation stems from my fear of ruining a perfectly good, blank sketchbook with terrible drawings. But I arrived at a solution! You know those cardboard inserts that come in stacks of animation bond? I collected them for about a year, and when I had enough, I bound them together and made it into a sketchbook. Its a very crappy sketchbook, but thats the whole point. I don't have to be afraid of ruining it, because its already crappy! And any crappy uncomfortable drawing I put in it can only make the sketchbook more interesting. I feel free to experiment now, and I'm getting really comfortable with this uncomfortable book.

I highly recommend the mental band-aid for anyone who has a neurosis similar to mine.

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