September 26, 2008

Daily Crapbook

My online moniker has been "Jo The Zette" ever since middle school. She's a reference to Freakazette, a female counterpart to Freakazoid that was never used in the show. At the time, I thought it would be presumptuous to call myself Freakazette, as in THE Freakazette, so I took the "zette" and added a Jo to make her more my own. These days my avatar is that Cup-Head-Jo-girl-thing you see all over my site, because Jo The Zette is a little too fangirly to market me as a professional (and yes, in some twisted way I feel the CupHead Jo will make people take me more seriously). Anyhow, I haven't drawn ol' Zette for a while, and I thought I'd give her a makeover.


Magnulus said...

Did you know that in ancient Mesopotamia, heads of state would wear cups on their heads when speaking to the masses? It was believed that the shape of the cup would ensure that none of their authority and power would be lost, branching out in all directions, and instead helped them focus their authority on the people in front of them.
In many ways, the Archaio Ambarchi (Ancient Cup of Authority) was a precursor to our modern-day megaphones.


Jo said...

Good to know! From now on that's what I'll tell people when they ask me what's up with the cup.

Magnulus said...

If they doubt the validity of this obvious fact, just tell them a Norwegian told you. We are exotic (and in some cases, something else that ends in -otic, but that's a different story. ba-dum-psh!) and therefore also incredibly knowledgeable. Additionally, we are a cultural minority in the world, so we're also always right by virtue of Political Correctness. ^_^