September 16, 2008

Silesia Walk Cycle 2.0

I unexpectedly got a break from working today, so I decided to waste time a bit. A few years ago I realized I needed to get over my hated/fear of Flash if I wished to continue to eat, so I decided to acquaint myself with the program by bringing in an old school walk cycle pencil test and just drawing over it. The process turned out to be more grueling than I anticipated, so once I felt Flash-friendly enough I abandoned the project. Until today! Here she is, in all her cyclical glory.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Great attitude!

Magnulus said...

Wow, you really slapped on the swing in those hips, Jo!

Flash isn't a good place to be for the meticulous of us. It's all about just moving pieces around to animate rather than actually drawing up the animation piece by piece. It's perfect for a sort of advanced cardboard cut-out type animation, but once you get into ones and twos, Flash is starting to look mighty gruelling.

I commend you for having the tenacity to make this thing. I don't even have the tenacity to properly LEARN flash! ^_^

Jo said...

Thanks guys! And yeah- Flash is really counter-intuitive for traditional animation. It has such potential though. I wish someone at Adobe would ask an animator how they would improve the program.

David Nethery said...

I feel the same way about Flash . I'm more of a traditional pencil and paper man myself, or TVPaint if I'm working paperless.

(nice work on this cycle , though, Jo)

On the other hand I keep seeing these pieces by some traditionally-trained animators who show that the darn Flash program can be coaxed into being a pretty decent virtual animation disc.

Rune Bennicke has some great short pieces that he does straight-ahead in Flash:

Rune Bennicke Flash full-animation

Another artist who blows me away with her ability to get classical looking results from Flash is Alessandra Sorentino. Check out these pieces done by Alessandra in Flash, with a Wacom tablet :

Alessandra Sorrentino Flash animation 1

More animation in Flash , by Alessandra Sorrentino

I keep trying to get comfortable with Flash because so many places use it now and I want to stay in 2D animation , but I still struggle with it . Something just doesn't connect for me with the drawing tools in Flash, but obviously it can be done !