February 08, 2009

Daily Crapbook + Update

Aw nut bunnies... I missed my Daily Crapbook deadline for Saturday! Ce tragique! (I know that's not spelled correctly, but I confess I am too lazy to look it up right now. Also I never took french in high school.) In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to post one decent drawing a day to make up for my near-month-long dry spell. Though I had been drawing last month, I didn't like any of my drawings enough to post them. But this month I decided to grit my teeth and call myself awesome in spite of how I actually feel. Also I've been trying to line up work for the next couple of months, and so as to deal with the aggravation and keep myself excited about this lousy industry I'm in, I'm planning to do a really fun project on my own. I already picked it from my list of "A Thousand Films I Need To Do Before I Die A Horrible Untimely Death" and I've been doing concept all week. Hopefully by next week I'll have an animatic done. I'll start posting drawings and pencil tests tomorrow or Monday.

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