February 08, 2009

Go See Coraline

Seriously. I just got back. I was expecting a lot from this movie and I wasn't disappointed. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie that left me this satisfied- wholly and incontrovertibly. I feel like I've just eaten a huge Italian dinner- I don't want to talk or think about what I've just experienced. I just want to pat my belly and gloat over the perfect pleasure of it.

I've stated before how much I love fairy tales- REAL fairy tales. Coraline is dark, delicious, creepy, irresistable fun. Congratulations to everyone involved on the film: you should all be damn proud of yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Great art!

Jo said...

thank you!

Malcolm said...

The tagline at the bottom should be "Go see Coraline, It will leave you in stitches!"