February 10, 2009

"Monkey Rag": Spanky

Spanky's been a tough character to nail: I had a certain posture and attitude in mind for him, but he kept ending up looking too much like Wilt from Foster's.  I just want him to be toothy and lanky- I hope no one accuses me of plagiarism.  


Magnulus said...

I think your concepts for this video are really promising and I can't wait to see the final thing!

As for Spanky's resemblance to Wilt, I think part of what really cements him as a Wilt-alike is the facial hair. It's not identical, but it's rendered in a similar fashion, so when combined with the big grin and the lanky body, he does kind of get a bit too much like him.

Jo said...

Hm- do you think its a problem? Should I not have mentioned it?