May 05, 2009

Daily Crapbook: Mr. Peabody's Mermaid

There was a movie I caught on TCM a long time ago that I haven't seen since called Mr. Peabody's Mermaid. (Well, actually its called Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, but ever since I saw it I've erroneously remembered it as Mr. Peabody's Mermaid and I can't shake the habit.) Its a quiet, sweet little fantasy about a quiet, sweet little man (William Powell) who goes fishing and captures chickadee of the sea Ann Blyth, and she subsequently helps him get through his mid-life crisis. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Even though its been years since I've seen it, I've always wanted to make a drawing for it. I'll try and finish this illustration during this week.


Kristen McCabe said...

Sooo Cute! I love her stylized hair.

Ducky said...

Hi, I came across your entry after googling Mr. Peabody & the Mermaid. (Random coincidence: I too keep calling it "Mr. Peabody's Mermaid" & have been since I saw it).

Anyway, I thought I was the only one who'd ever heard of this movie! I also caught it on TCM years ago, only once...& I've always wanted to watch it again. It's the cutest movie. And Ann Blyth is so gorgeous in it (have you seen her in Mildred Pierce? Just as beautiful! Plus she gets to talk, haha). I'm so sad it's not out on video or DVD at all...couldn't find it anywhere!

Just a heads up, if you search for it on the TCM website, you'll be able to vote for it to be released on video/dvd. The current rank is #69, but maybe we can wrangle enough voters to push it up higher :)

Lovely drawing, it made my day! Take care.