May 17, 2009

Daily Crapbook: What A Way To Go

Now that I've watched it again, I think its for certain: "What A Way To Go" is my absolute favorite movie of all time. It's one of those everything-and-the-kitchen-sink type comedies from the sixties, and its is just perfect. Apart from an awesome cast (Dick Van Dyke, Dean Martin, Paul Newman, and Gene Kelley in the same movie!), an irresistible performance by Shirley MacClaine, and amazing costumes by Edith Head,what really makes this movie stand apart is the screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Its an episodic narrative about a woman who wants "the simple life", but has a knack for marrying poor men who stumble into fortunes and die in bizarre ways. Its such a tight, engaging, perfectly structured story; this is one of those old movies I think people would love even if they think they hate old movies.

I want to try and sketch out a "poster" for this film over this week.

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