May 06, 2009

Monkey Rag Shot List

Its tedious work, but I finally sat down and made up a shot list for "Monkey Rag". I came up with the template based on two criteria:

a) To organize and segment the production into clearly defined chunks, so that I can at a glance understand my progress visually.

b) To provide as many opportunities as possible for me to check things off so I feel productive. (Seriously. So much of this process is mental.)

This shot list is more detailed that the one I made for "Juxtaposer" and it took all bloody day to make it. As I progress, I'll be posting the shot list periodically so everyone can berate me for not animating faster. (Again, seriously. Having people interested in the project has been a huge motivation. Its like the old adage: "if a Jo draws in the woods and no one sees, does she really make a cartoon?")

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