November 06, 2012

Ah'm On A BOAT!

In college I drew a picture of Calamity Jane.  Then a few weeks ago a nice lady in England asked if she could use it as a decal on the family canal boat.  I don't particularly like the drawing, but I'm so pleased its on a boat.  On a BOAT!  In England!!  An English BOAT!  Brilliant. 


Liz said...

And very nice it looks too! Thanks for letting me use it Jo. Regards, Liz, (owner, Calamity Jayne)

Calamity Jayne said...

Just a bit of an update for you Jo. Calamity Jayne has now been seen around a large part of our British Canal system. Your illustration has often been commented on, favourably I should add, by people asking if we designed her ourselves. I always give you credit for the picture but feel very pleased that we found your page. If you have half an hour to spare we started our own blog for the boat, but it is more of a record of where we have been and a place to store some of our favourite pictures. Please feel free to take a look at All the best from the UK, Liz.