November 14, 2012

Disney Bad Ass Girls

Like I said, I saw "Wreck-It Ralph" this weekend and really enjoyed it.  I was expecting it to feel more Roger Rabbit-y, but it was still very fun in the direction they took it.  This is one Disney movie I wouldn't mind a sequel to- I think there's a lot more in that world to explore and make fun of.  Also, I have a new addition to my "Most Favoritest Character Evar!" list: Calhoun.  I'm always a fan of an ass-kicking chick who doesn't suffer from "Good Role Model Syndrome."  Her character was so clever and fun, and most of the lateral humor in the movie revolved around her.  Best line: "She's programmed with the most tragic back-story ever."  The only other Disney female I can think of that was this level of intense awesomeballousness is Captain Amelia.  They're both futuristic characters, maybe it makes sense that would mash-up?


coopergal24 said...

You did an awesome job!!
I was just looking at your old Warner Bros. fan art, because I had NO idea that you had a DeviantArt page (Which sadly isn't there anymore T^T ), and I was wondering, do you still draw those cartoons, plus the other cartoons? And if so, can you possibly, maybe perhaps post them on your site, blog or maybe DA again, plz? I REALLY LOVED your cartoon pics because they were drawn in the perfect style and the lines seemed to flow and curve just perfectly! Almost like Eric Goldberg's style from his favorite artist, which he got inspired from!

Anyways, thx for taking the time to read this!

Unknown said...
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Joanna Davidovich said...

Oh gee, I never posted on DeviantArt, so I did a search of my name and found this:

Is this the page you meant? What awfully nice things people said about my Animaniacs fanart in 2007. :)

I don't do much Animaniacs fanart anymore. I did so much as a kid I think I exhausted every possible idea. :) I have a couple old things on my Tumblr ( ) if you do a search for Animaniacs or fanart something should pop up. Maybe I'll post all the old stuff again for archival purposes. Thanks for all the very sweet words!

Unknown said...

Well hey, Coopergal24! Look what I found!

Thats pretty much everything from the old days. Hope they are what you remember.